• James Herondale: D-dd...da...d
  • Will: Daddy?
  • James: Demon Pox
  • Will: perfect
  • tessa: no
  • Gabriel: No one expects Will Herondale to live past nineteen, and no one will be sorry to see him go, either -
  • Tessa: What a thing to say!
  • Gabriel: Pardon me?
  • Tessa: You heard me. Telling someone you wouldn't be sorry if they died! It's inexcusable! Come along, Will. This - this person - obviously isn't worth wasting your time on.
  • Will: So true.
  • Tessa: I think you owe Will an apology.
  • Gabriel: I would rather have my entrails yanked out and tied in a knot in front of my own eyes than apologize to such a worm.
  • Jem: Goodness, you can't mean that. Not the Will being a worm part, of course. The bit about the entrails. That sounds dreadful.
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